True To You 

I could probably write a whole series of blogs about how therapeutic I find playing music. When I feel stressed, I find myself heading straight for the basement studio to grab a guitar. It isn't really something I think about, I just know at a subconscious level that I'll feel better with a guitar in my hands and the sound of chords jangling around the room. 

That is probably a part of the reason that when I'm writing a song, the music just happens without much effort on my part.  Pick a key to determine the "color" of the song and I know what 4 or 5 chords I'm going to play, so I play them. The tempo and the arrangement naturally happen based on my mood and I don't usually put much thought into what I'm playing. It just happens. 

Writing lyrics, though... That's a completely different story. Far more often than not I'll spend hours writing, re-writing, tweaking, changing, adding, removing, re-adding, re-removing and generally messing with the lyrics. And when I'm done I spend more hours second-guessing myself and doubting whether I'd made the right choices. As a matter of fact, if I didn't have deadlines to get songs finished by, I might never consider some songs "complete" enough to let anyone hear them. 

But once in a great while I'll come up with a song where the lyrics mostly write themselves the way the music does. The first song on our CD Everything Everywhere is one of those. 

One day I fired up my workstation and came up with a chord progression that I recorded. Next, where I might normally record some vocalizations or a piano line to define the melody, I found I actually had a line of lyrics in mind that fit into the chorus, and from that line, I knew what the chorus was about even before I'd thought about a name for the song: 

I'll be true to You 
No matter what I face 
In the challenges each day 
I'll stay true to You 
And when I meet you face to face 
On that final day of grace 
I'll know that I can say 
That I was true to You 

Where I often wrestle with a song to shape the lyrics into something that is poetic, lyrical, worshipful, relatable and real, this song arrived almost fully formed as a simple and straightforward message to the world and our Creator that we intend to persevere and never forget all that He's done for us. 

Hope you like it.