So... Why "Mere Messengers", anyway? 

We're glad you asked! 

En route to Nashville to wrap up the recording of our CD "Everything Everywhere" we were waiting at the gate to board our Nashville flight when Greg saw a live music producer he had met on a previous Nashville trip was waiting to board the same flight. 

Greg walked over to re-introduce himself and we started chatting about music, performing and recording. During the conversation, we mentioned that we were going to be recording with Eric Copeland at Creative Soul Records, and at that point the producer said that he had been meaning to get in touch with Eric about a project they were both involved in, and asked us to pass along a message when we met him the following day. 

The rest of the travel day went by uneventfully and when we met up with Eric the next day, we passed along our message. 

"We are what we believe we are." - C. S. Lewis

The conversation moved on to the project at hand and when Eric asked if we had decided on a name for the band, Sarah answered "Apparently, we're The Messengers". It seemed rather apropos of both what we'd just done, and what we wanted to accomplish with our music. 

It turned out that there are several other bands called "The Messengers" or something very similar, so to show that the message we feel called to deliver is more important than we who are delivering it, and as an homage to one of Greg's favorite authors, C.S. Lewis, we added the "Mere" and became Mere Messengers. 

After all, although we are honored to be able to help spread the good news to the world through our music, it's the message that really matters, and we are merely the messengers.