Everything Everywhere 

It can be tough to stay focused on spiritual things when we have to live in the world that focuses so much on... well.. on worldly things. 

All we have to do is turn on our phones or TVs and we're bombarded with things that seem to be designed to distract us from the things we should be concentrating on. 

That's why I spend many of my bible times seeking scriptures about ways to focus more on how I'm supposed to live as a Christian. 

There may be something I have yet to find that answers that question once and for all, but in some ways it seems to boil down to a matter of perspective. Really, when we examine it, Jesus spent much of his time seeing the good in people society said were beyond redemption. Tax collectors, prostitutes, lepers, widows, the lame, the blind and the deaf... people marginalized by their society because they seemed to have no value were sought out by Jesus because He sees the intrinsic value in everyone, regardless of what society says about them. 

This was the idea I was trying to keep in mind when we wrote Everything Everywhere: that we can see the good in people if only we care enough to look for it. 

I can see your beauty 
And I can see your grace 
In everything, in every face 
In all the world, in every place 
The world will praise your name 

After all, as Christians we're called to emulate Christ in our day-to-day lives, and one of the most loving things Christ did was to accept everyone regardless of how the world sees them.