About Mere Messengers

With a friendship and musical-relationship that dates back to the time they spent together with faith-based band Taking Jericho, Sarah Echegoyen and Greg Nason have always had a connection and ability to create inspiring music together.

Following their work withTaking Jericho, Greg and Sarah continued to write and record new songs, including working together on Greg's solo EP Come Home Soon – and soon recognized that their collaboration resulted in something greater than they could accomplish individually.

After finishing Greg's EP they discussed how to continue making the music they loved to both write & perform while encouraging others to hear the call of His word – and Mere Messengers was born.

In combining their talents they’ve found something truly special as Mere Messengers.  Both bring exceptional talent to the collaboration and a shared mindset that focuses on faith, devotion and love for all.  With vibrant melodies and insightful lyrics that speak to the hearts of all who listen, Mere Messengers is out to make a difference in the world and let their music connect directly to the people through the moods and emotions we all experience.  Working on a set of stunning new songs for their upcoming album called Everything Everywhere – this extraordinary duo are ready to show the world that music & message combined, can truly unify us all.